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.:Elements Academy App:. Victor by Donnics-sideburn .:Elements Academy App:. Victor by Donnics-sideburn
pls be gentle he is so fragile jk he's a stone hearted killer ))
Name:  Victor Bellefonte (Vee-ctor Bell-fon-te) 
Age:  Physically: 28/ Actually: 57
Sex: Male
Height:  5'8
Weight: 160 lbs
Species: Empathetic Weather Manipulator (Further description in the app) 
Class: Ice Magic
House: Emerald Wolves
+Ice Magic as a defense mechanism (Occasionally used as Armor- VERY rarely will he use his abilities for offensive means.)
+Charismatic in situations that call for it
+Multilingual to an extreme 
Antemortem- The ability to to give a victim a preview to their death-- Will cause  a child-like fear in the Victim temporarily. (The explanation for this power is in his bio.) 
+ Empathetic Ice manipulation. (His abilities are connected to emotions.) 
-Is a Pacifist . He won't fight defensively-- he will teach it. 
-As previously stated, his control over ice is purely empathetic. If he gets emotional his powers may get out of control.
- Not Physically strong or fast. (A little bit of a couch potato.) 
- Can't come in contact with other people or he'll freeze them. (A few acceptations, such as his daughters and other Ice- Elementals.) 

Personality: Polite| Kind |Trustworthy| A bit dramatic |Scatterbrained Disorganized A bit of a CowardCan Mope Old Fashioned
Victor is polite, trustworthy and in general a kind and thoughtful person. He's quick to warm up to people and tell them about himself, although he usually shares very little information about his past. Victor can occasionally be VERY childish, and very disorganized. He'll usually show up late for classes, his tie is typically crooked and all in all he's a bit of a scatterbrain. He's very forgetful to the point of forgetting people's names and dates, as well as forgetting to take care of himself. Nestor has Narcolepsy, which has grown worse over the years due to his lack of sleep. He puts other's needs before his own, causing himself to be somewhat unhealthy and frumpy. 
He can occasionally be rather mopey, he's quick to drown in self pity. He's  somewhat selfish at times, but quick to snap out of it if someone calls him out on it. He's very devoted and loyal, and once someone has earned his friendship they will be a permanent friend. 
+Cold Weather 
+Children (Mainly his Daughters)
+ Has an affinity for pretty eyes (Especially Madhuri's hue )
+ Romance (He reads alot of romance novels.) 
+Poetry (Writes bad poems.)
+Flowers and plants. (Hence the strong bromance with the earth teacher. )
+Bright colors (his favorite color is pink. )

- Warm weather (especially the beach)  
-Sunburns (he gets sunburns easily.)
- Speaking of his past
- Abandonment 
- People who assume him to be dumb because of his scatterbrained nature. 
- Depressing/moody / edgy people 
- Swearing 
-Disrespect to older generations
Positive traits: Extremely thoughtful and sincere, trustworthy, loyal to an extreme.
Negative traits: Extremely disorganized, tends to act without thinking, quick to jump to conclusions, REFUSES to be violent even if a loved one is in danger. 

 Redemption is not Perfection. The redeemed must realize their imperfections. 

Victor Bellefonte was born into an average, middle class family. He was well loved by his mother and father, and he loved them well. He grew up and did exceptionally well in school, quickly going to an infamous college and thriving there. The only thing that set Victor apart from the rest of humanity was his species-- Victor was born with the ability to control and manipulate ice in accordance with his emotions, inherited from his mother.  His parents knew how to handle this well, helping him cultivate and control his powers from a young age. Victor felt especially close to his mother, on account of their shared abilities. Occasionally he would lose control of his powers, but this was rare and people understood for the most part. 
    When Victor graduated College, he was set on becoming a Professor on Literature at the very college he went too, however this was not meant to be. Victor was killed almost immediately on impact during a head on collision. The loss was sudden, and everyone who knew Victor grieved heavily, however, this would not be the end for him.
    Victor was brought back by a certain  Angel called March, who hoped to have him join his "Angelic" rankings. Victor immediately refused, due to bitter feelings about his death. Victor believed this was some twisted form of Karma, and fate had killed him because of some wrong doing he has committed in the past. Victor was ultimately forced to join the Angel's ranks, but was very angry and bitter his entire time there. Victor allowed his anger towards the world to possess him, thus becoming a very bad person. Victor soon grew to be extremely manipulative, harsh and allowed his dim view on humanity to be expressed with every word he spoke. He grew close to no one after his death, even isolating himself from his parents. 
    Victor's views would soon be changed when he grew close to a young woman called Rose Forte.  This particular young woman was very kind, gentle, loyal and compassionate, and her kindness stirred something deep within Victor which was previously unknown. Victor fell in love with Rose, despite her already being with someone. Rose was engaged to William Ayers (whose actual name was Duncan but lets call him William for confusion's sake,)  and while she was aware of Victor's feelings she never encouraged them, and remained faithful to William. Rose's faith inspired Victor further, and he accepted his unrequited feelings and soon became close to William. William, Victor and Rose soon became best friends. Victor had never felt so close to a pair in his lifetime, and felt a deep love for both of them. 
    Victor still continued his angelic activities, and quickly climbed up the ranks. These ranks gave Victor certain abilities, one such ability being the ability to foresee deaths. One particular evening he had a vision of William's death-- something which was horrifying in brief terms. He didn't know how to approach the situation-- should he warn William? Try to stop it? Let it happen? These questions were on Victor's minds for days, while one stayed in the back of his mind. Rose would be free   to love him. He considered  not telling William at all- or even telling him. Heck, who was he to toy with fate?
    He would regret this discussion when the time came. He changed his mind as soon as the time of William's death came. He rushed to be by his friend's side, however it was to late. He found William with his murderer, having been beaten brutally to the point of death he watched as his friends body was dropped in a lake. He had came to late, and in his anger he attacked William's murderer, killing him shortly before  using his powers  to freeze the lake William was in. 
  Victor, naturally, felt horrible about what he had done. Soon after William's death he would confess to Rose what he did, and naturally, she was horrified. He abandoned town after this, calling in one last favor before cutting off his job with the angelic order: He wished to have William be risen from the dead, and take his place in the order. Seeing William was clearly superior to Victor, they agreed. Two years after William's death, they brought him back. However, due to major damage done to the brain, his memory was gone. After William was back, Victor soon abandoned all previous attachment to other's, with one exception: His parents. He soon went back to live with his parents, with the goal of becoming a better person. He would stay with them for four years, before returning to Rose in hopes that she had forgiven him. 
    She had, despite what horrible things he had done he worked hard to work past them, and since they were good friends before she forgave him. Soon the pair fell in love, and got married after several years of dating. After years of marriage they started a family, having five little girls who all worked their ways into Victor's heart with great ease. 
    However, after their fifth daughter Rose soon grew ill. She would die soon after developing this illness, leaving Victor to take care of his five daughters on his own. So far, Victor has done a good job, giving his daughters a good education. Due to family funds running out he took up a job after five years of raising his daughters on his own. The first application he sent out was one to be the new Ice Teacher at Elements Academy, and obviously he was accepted. 
+Has a tendency to look cool- he's not. 
+Has five daughters: Lilly, Daisy, Iris, Primrose and Aster. He calls them his "little garden."
+ Left Handed
+ Has some  French roots (Hence the name Bellefonte.) But is actually from America, more specifically Colorado. 
+ He loves to sing-- he's terrible at it.
+ He knows Four languages: French, Greek, Spanish and Latin. 
+The red thing is his hand is a hair ribbon from his deceased wife. I didn't know where to draw it so I put it in his hands. 
+ His room and office are pretty heavily decorated with flowers and plants. He prefers plants that can thrive in colder conditions.
+Victor never swears.
Super Cute Girlfriend 
Super cute bestfriend
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